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How long and wide is the track?

At 2.7 km and 12 meters wide, the full circuit can be run in one of three configurations : 1.1 km 1.5 km,  and 2.7km.  The 1000 foot strait-away is anticipated to allow the fastest cars to approach 200 km/hour.  The area has already been cleared and graded and is adjacent to an excellent spectator mound and grandstands. This option will be constructed with the west course separator so we can run two tracks simultaneously.

How many and what types of turns are incorporated into the track design?

The full circuit (2.7 km) course consists of 14 turns overall including a 180 radius banked carousel turn. The track builders are currently creating a road course schematic to be distributed in the very near future. The track design layout will include detailed elevations, turn radius’, off-camber areas, and turn banking degrees.

Who designed the track layout?

The track was designed by Canadian engineer and renowned track desgner Roger Peart. Peart can lay claim to designing what became known as Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, in 1977.

Will the design incorporate the current drag strip at Castrol Raceway?

No. This is not wise as the drag strip will “rubber up” differently in each lane and the grip for race cars changes as they run over each track of the drag strip. In no way are we prepared to sacrifice the integrity of the racing surface on either track.  The road course Strait-away runs 1000 feet parallel to the drag strip with the paddock and Mechanics row adjacent to the drags trip return road.

Is the track FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile) approved? 

The track design and current construction were developed with FIA approval as a high priority; upon completion of the overall facility, final FIA inspection will occur. We have had numerous preliminary assessments and are confident the road course will meet all FIA guidelines.

As per the current design will the track suit INDY racing? Are there any plans by Castrol Raceway to host the INDY event in the future?

The road course at Castrol Raceway was not developed with the plan to host an INDY event. The facility may meet the sanctioning standards of INDY; however we have not pursued the specific criteria options required at this point in development.

When will the track officially be completed/open? Are there phases of construction planned?

The road course is 2.7km long in total comprising of 2 Phases.  Phase One - 1.1 km long incorporating a super speedway high banked turn was completed in the fall of 2012. Phase Two- 1.5 km long is approximately 70% finished with completion scheduled for mid-summer 2013. There will be no sanctioned events scheduled for the 2013 season, however Phase One will be available for private and organized group rentals for lapping and event purposes in the spring.

Can more than one event take place at the same time on the road course?

The road course was designed and developed in Two Phases; upon completion the full circuit can be run in one of three configurations : 1.1 km , 1.5 km,  and 2.7km, allowing for the opportunity to host multiple events to take place at the same time.

Will there be a specific sanctioning body associated with the track?

No singular sanctioning body will be incorporated initially; sanctioning will ultimately be negotiated on a per event basis depending on the series presented.

What types of cars will be able to participate at the facility?  

Both open and closed wheel Race Cars, Bikes, Karts, and Road Cars all are expected to participate regularly at the facility.

What types of events is Castrol Raceway planning to host?

At this time Castrol Raceway is not planning to host events for the 2013 season. Acquiring and negotiating sanctioned events will not be a priority until the completion of all construction. We do look forward to approaching a variety of sanctioning bodies such as NASCAR Canada, Super Bike, and Legends in the fall of 2014.

Will there be any driving schools available to the public?

Many racing schools have expressed great interest in hosting events here at the Castrol Raceway road course and we look forward to offering this benefit to our supports and fans.  However, at this time Castrol Raceway has determined to postpone the opportunity to host race schools until the construction of the road course is completed fully. We anticipate 2014 will offer many occasions to take part in a variety of race schools.

What is the proposed season of operation?

Like all other racing venues at Castrol Raceway, the proposed season of operation will commence in spring at the beginning of May and conclude mid-October.

Are there plans to include open practice sessions for the public in the proposed schedule?

Castrol Raceway has a plan in place to host  Wide Open Wednesday (W.O.W) (similar in part to the Drag Strip Street Legal program) that allows enthusiasts to drive their street or race-prepped car on our newly developed racetrack in a non-competitive environment.  Autocross and Karting is also  available. No previous racing on on-track experience is required.

W.O.W will be offered on select Wednesday's each month throughout the season, from 5pm-Sundown, allowing drivers to come out after work and bring the family for an evening of high-speed fun and excitement. Dates for W.O.W have not been included on the schedule at this time; we anticipate releasing limited date availabiities in the spring upon construction updates and development.

What is the estimated cost to rent the track? Can anyone rent it?

The road course at Castrol Raceway is the perfect place to host a private practice day or event. There are various track configurations; each can be rented to serve your specific needs. The course is great for corporate events, product launches, enthusiest groups, special interests, or just for fun.  The track rental rates will be determined closer to the official track opening, we anticipate a per day cost of $4,500- $10,000 depending on track configuration and rental purposes.

Is there a plan to eventually incorporate Pit garages to the facility?  

Absolutely! Floor plans are currently being developed for a 13 unit Auto Condo. Request for design has been based on each condo unit consisting of a 16’ x 24’ space, upper deck balconies overlooking the track, semi-private restrooms, and private entrance.  Purchasers will be welcomed to customize options and interiors upon development. We anticipate planning finalization and construction to begin in the spring of 2014. Cost will be determined upon completion and approval of design plans.

Why after 16 years in operation has Castrol Raceway decided to develop the road course at the facility?

Since the purchase of Capitol Raceway in 1998, it has always been the intention of the owners to develop the road course. With 16 years of overall facility improvements, dedication, and motorsport experience the opportunity to pursue our ultimate goal to create Canada’s most comprehensive motorsport complex has become a reality. Like all construction and business expansions the environment to undertake the venture had to be ideal before we took the first steps in development. After many years of operation and the continually growing demand for motorsport entertainment, we felt the time was right to make the construction commitment.