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Before I get to the unpopular stuff, please allow me to personally thank you for your long time and loyal support of Castrol Raceway. Your enjoyment and commitment to motorsports is very important to us. Our facility is a primary part of our lives; we do everything we possibly can to grow, improve, and provide the best possible experience for each Guest coming through our gates. We have worked hard to bring you and your family excellent service, a welcoming facility, knowledgeable staff, as well as continued improvements for the safety and enjoyment of the racers and our fans.

I never like having to make this announcement (actually I really hate it!), but it's unfortunately sometimes necessary. Due to ever increasing labour, maintenance, and materials expenses associated with operating our facility we are once again obligated to implement an increase in the Drag Participant and Crew entry fees for the 2019 race season. (This is the first crew price increase in our 21 years J)

  2018 2019
Bracket Drag Crew 20/day $25/day
Drag Competitor $60/day $75/day
Drag Competitor (Second Class**)   $25/day
Junior Competitor $40 $40

** With more participants running in two separate classes  each weekend, our days are getting just a little bit longer...i.e. more staff hours, more ambulance hours, another coat of VHT.... it all adds up. So we’ve decided, moving forward racers will need to purchase a second Tech Card to run in a second class.

Thank you for understanding, this price increase means that we can continue to make improvements such as new scoreboards, new trackside hospitality pavilion, new asphalt, advanced safety equipment and training, as well as provide each of you with the fun family facility you’ve come to expect.

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

Kind regards,

Kimberly Reeves, Castrol Raceway